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What is= PPP?

·    It is a suitable long term contrac= t or concession agreement

·    Between Govt. / statutory entity a= nd a private sector company.

·    On mutually agreed allocation of resources, risk and returns.

·  =   For delivering an infrastructure service on payment of user charges.

Why PPP?

     PPP Implies a plan outside plan wh= ich enables the particular department or agency entrusted to render necessary infrastructure or services to the people with an investment far in excess= of its budgetary allocation/available resources by attracting private investment.

     PPP is one of the options to structure, finance, implement, operate and maint= ain an essential infrastructure/services project, attracting private participation under a standard concession agreement.

     To reduce the large gaps in demand & supply of essential social & economic infrastructure & services.

     Every project should normally be tested for PPP to leverage scarce State Resources, attract private invest= ment and to utilize efficiencies, innovativeness and flexibility of private sector.

     Win-win situation for Government, private sector and the citizen-user.