The state of Orissa has a road network of around 2.38 lakh km. (including 3100km. of NH), the State has embarked on an ambitious plan for Road connectivity through PPP.

Orissa has been the pioneer in the power sector reforms which have opened up avenues for private sector participation in generation & distributions of power

Air traffic to and from the State has been on the rise. New air strips in different parts of the State and an Aviation Training Institute are in the pipeline.


Orissa is a principal maritime state, has a coastline of 480km. and is endowed with conducive ports locations.

IT/Theme Park
Orissa has been a leading State in IT business and applications. The Govt. has accorded high priority to the development of IT sector in the State.


Culture & Tourism
Orissa has become a multi dimensional, multi coloured, many splendoured, vibrant & boisterous modern state all set on its journey in the present millennium to make its presence and voice felt in the nooks & crannies of the world through the Universal Cult of brotherhood, its unique cultural heritage, luxuriant forests & wild life, sprawling Chilika Lake, bountiful coastline, wide range of tribes & colourful canvass of art & culture.


Urban Infrastructure
15% of the total population of the State resides in urban areas, which grows fast due to industrialization. The Govt. has been taking effective steps for efficient management and supply of basic urban amenities and services.

Transport & Railways
An efficient and vibrant Transport System in a State is the most essential ingredient for the long-term socio-economic and cultural prosperities. New rail linkages would facilitate to carry the projected quantum of traffic and meet the developmental needs of the economy.


Logistic Hub
The logistic hubs are intended to provide necessary support for goods and services and to ensure an effective and efficient Supply-chain Management system in the State.


Water Resource
Orissa is endowed with water in abundance. This precious gift of nature needs be developed for the economic development of the state and alleviation of poverty.


Solid Waste Management

The Govt. has been planning Integrated Sewerage & Solid Waste Management for major Cities by engaging suitable consultants and projects are under consideration of Govt. for implementation with financial assistance from 12th Financial Commission, JNNURM & JBIC loan assistance.


Health Care
Govt. of Orissa has time and again articulated the need for collaborating with NGOs and private agencies to provide and facilitate the use of health service delivery in hard to reach and underserved areas. The collaboration with NGOs will ensure promotion of people oriented policies of the Govt. and provide a platform to manage PHC and implement curative, promotive and preventive health services.


The Govt. of Orissa has the responsibility to achieve the goals of universal elementary education (UEE).
The literacy level in Orissa at 63.61% is comparable with all-India average of 65.38%. However, there are considerable regional disparities between areas, and communities. The missing children who do not come to school have been identified under various programs.


The State adopted a bold and unique Agriculture Policy during the year 1996 for the first time in the country to increase investment in agriculture, bring in a shift from subsistence agriculture to commercial agriculture and accorded status of industry to agriculture.